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    stribution: Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and GuangxiLanguage: YiReligion: PolytheismThe Yi ethnic group, with a population of 6,578,500, is mainly distributed over the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Re

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    and most of them live in ▓an area south of the Dadu River and along the Anning Ri▓ver. Traditionally, this area is subdivided into the Greater Liangshan Mountain area, which ▓lies east of the Anning River and south▓ of the Huangmao Dyke, and the L

    esser Liangshan Mountain area,

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    which covers the Jinsha River valley and the south bank of the Dadu River. There are over a million Yis in the Liangshan Yi Autonomo▓us Prefecture, which holds the single ▓largest Yi community in China. Yunnan Province has more than three millio

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    trated in an area hemmed in by the Jinsha and Yu▓anjiang rivers, and the Ailao and Wuliang mountains. Huaping, Ninglang and Yongsheng in western Yunnan form what is known as the Yunnan Lesser Liangshan Mountain area. In Guizhou, more than half a

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ommunities in Anshun and Bijie. Several thousan▓d Yis live in Longlin and Mubian counti

es in the Guangx▓i Zhuang Autonomous Region.Most Yis are scattered ▓in mountain areas, some in frigid mountain are▓as at high altitudes, and a small number live on flat land▓ or in valleys. The altitudinal differen

ces of the Yi areas directly affect their climate and precipitati

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on. Their striking differences have given rise to the old saying that "the weather is different a f▓ew miles away" in the Yi area. This is the primary reason why the Yis in various areas are so different from one another in the ways they make a▓

living.The Yi areas are rich in natural resources. The Jinsha River running t

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h▓rough Sichuan and Yunnan and its tributaries surgin▓g through the Yi are

as in northern and northeastern Yunnan are enormous sources of water power. The Yi are▓as are not only rich in coal and iron,▓ but are also among Ch

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